Solving Problems With A Tiny Box

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When faced with a problem, do you add more rules?  Do you manage to the lowest common denominator?  Do you make it harder for the best and easier for the worst?

“If you want to link short-term with long-term, do not increase cognitive load.  People develop lists of to-dos. They increase monitoring, they increase approvals, they increase reviews.  All of these things increase cognitive load and erode will power.If you erode will power, accountability diminishes. Because excellence is, people doing the right thing even when nobody is looking over their shoulder.  The best practice in scaling up excellence is a subtraction exercise not an addition exercise.”– Huggy Rao

Don’t get me wrong.  Procedures and rules are important.  Rules are the easiest way to fix things.

We should not always be interested in the easiest way to fix things.  Problem solving that engages…

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Intersection of Brand & Style

Introduction to personal branding. How style can build your brand

Brand via Style

Style and branding might seem like two completely different things. One has to do with what’s in your wardrobe; the other has to do with the perception of an organization, company, product, etc. Despite these two concepts coming from different worlds, the concept of personal style can actually serve a personal brand. Consider this: brands need to concern themselves with image and perception, and style essentially is a manifestation of people’s personalities, tastes, and stories via their clothing– which, of course, is part of their image. Let’s explore this further, shall we?

Well-Known World Brand Logotypes These are more than just logos. They’re just part of the brand’s story.

What’s in a brand? – A brief overview

Okay, so first off before we get into where brand and style meet, we need to define what a brand is. McLaughlin (2011) looks at the evolution of the definition of “brand”, which originally was “simply the non-generic name…

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Experts Deliver During Purchase Process

Brands should consider experts as VIP stakeholders for them

Research That Delivers Results

Whose opinion matters most to you when deciding what to buy or choosing between products?
There has been research that shows that online consumer reviews were very important.  Other data chronicled the fact that posts from online friends and peers are the most trusted.  Now, Nielsen has just released a thorough study comparing what gives the biggest lift during the buying cycle – User reviews, branded content or expert content.
While reviews are important and consumers trust the judgments of online friends, content from experts delivers the biggest boost during the decision making process.

icon_expert_coul-279x200● For purchase consideration, content for experts delivers a boost of 11%.
That’s 83% higher than user reviews and 38% more than branded content54% of consumers think they will be using social media more in the future when it comes to deciding what they are going to buy
● For affinity and likeability, expert content creates…

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